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Here is born TERCEIRA 22, a concept by Architects Helder Pereira Coelho, Miguel Meira and Rita Ortiz, from Architecture TOTE SER, a residential building with small typologies apartments that results in a careful analysis of the building characteristics and its surroundings in view with the greater demand in the universe of potential users and/or investors.

This project was thought not only for professors or students but also for couples beginning a new life, that want to live in a new building, with great location and the charm of the old style characteristic of Lisbon's architecture at that time.

This building is completely reconstructed in reinforced concrete, with extra floors and keeping the main facade.

It's composed of a total of 5 one-bedroom apartments, one per floor, and the interior design was thought independently for each space. It allows to create a differentiation in each apartment and really take advantage of the square meters available, with only one owner per floor.

The finishings area always carefully chosen with the care and individuality that's usually present in our Boutique Building projects, where they stand out and reflect the preferences of a more exclusive and refined type of client, which is guided by our experience in the segment, with sobriety, elegance and functionality.

Architects Rita Ortiz, Helder Pereira Coelho and Miguel Meira


"I take long strides to get to class on time. I'm really lucky to be living 5 minutes away, without depending on public transportation or traffic. But why is it that the closer we live, the more likely we are to be late?" - Lisbon, January 17th 2025 by a professor at IST, one of the country's most prestigious University Center, living in TERCEIRA 22

Proximity does create a dependance but, on the other hand, we gain time and quality of life. In Avenidas Novas, in the Bairro das Ilhas old neighborhood, is TERCEIRA 22, which is characterized by being close to all services and is associated with the status of living close to the financial district and one of the most prestigious shopping areas in Lisbon - Saldanha.

With access to a complete network of public transportation, from buses to three metro lines, you can reach any point of the city easily. At Arco do Cego garden, at the Saldanha/José Fontana Square garden, at Cesário Verde Garden or even Campo Pequeno and Alameda, you can take advantage of green spaces to relax and recharge, to read and enjoy a drink or a light meal in a café "two steps" from home, it's a privilege for those that live in a cosmopolitan city such as Lisbon.

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